Meet Your
A.I. Health Coach

OnTrack brings an A.I. powered health tool to your pocket, harnessing
the power of artificial intelligence to communicate meaningfully with you
about sickness, fitness, and everything in between. We want to enable our
users to easily be responsible for their own health, making you your own
physician and OnTrack your assistant.

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Welcome to OnTrack

Our mobile app will act as your personal health coach by interpreting daily health lifestyle and medical data to manage your health and get you healthier. Our mission is to help you stay away from doctor so you can go on living your life.
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Health Assessment

By answering a few questions, our free health assessment will analyze your current state of health.

Personalized Goals

Based on your assessment, OnTrack will give you specific health priorities based on your goals.

A.I.-powered insights

As you use the app, OnTrack's A.I. technology will begin giving you insights & reminders.

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A Health Coach

Like you've never seen before
Fitness & exercise

Log your exercise & workouts, find a gym, take classes and more.


Learn how the foods you're eating are affecting your goals.

Prescriptions & Drugs

Manage your prescriptions, medications, supplements or recreational drugs.

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Mental Health

Learn how sleep, as well as distress & eustress factors are affecting your health.

Insights + Reminders

Tell the app as little as you'd like, and let our technology do the rest.

Help when you need

When you get injured or sick, we'll direct you to a healthcare provider in your network seemlessly.

Keep your health data secure and accessible to you at all times

Share your data with doctors, your health insurance provider, and for clinical research studies only when you provide access. Learn more about how OnTrack is using blockchain technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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For your organization

Use OnTrack for a healthier workplace

OnTrack can help empower organizations large and small by providing faster, more efficient health tools and access to care. See how we can help you build a healthier workplace to improve you business.

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Many people in third-world countries do not have easy access to a doctor or medical information. OnTrack's innovative approach could help to close this important gap.
Dr. Byrite Asamoah
CEO Vantage Medical Solutions, Ghana
This is ‘next generation’ decision support, much more closely mirroring the way clinicians tackle diagnostic problems.
Prof. Greg Rubin
Professor of General Practice, UK
It’s streets ahead of anything else that’s out there. It’s almost too good.
Prof. William Hamilton
Professor of Primary Care Diagnostics, UK
8467 Beta Testers
2835 Medical Hours Saved
46930 Hours of Health Managed
2M+ Data Points Collected

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